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Liangfeng Logistics Company is a professional modern logistics company focusing on the wine industry, with more than 15 years of business history as a professional wine customer logistics partner. It has built standardized modern bonded and non-bonded logistics warehouses in 7 first and second-tier cities across the country, with a total storage area of more than 50,000 square meters in the country, and has 15,000 square meters of constant temperature warehouses in Shanghai and Chengdu. Used to store all kinds of high-value foreign wine and red wine, the country has more than 150 professional storage management and operators, responsible for daily storage operations.

The warehousing operation of Liangfeng Logistics covers the standardization and systematic operation of the whole process from goods entering the warehouse, goods management, coding, labeling, packaging change, etc., to goods leaving the warehouse. The average total stock of the national warehouse reaches 500,000 boxes, the daily inbound and outbound throughput reaches boxes, and the daily value-added service volume reaches bottles. Advanced storage information management system (WMS), to provide customers with a full range of fine, transparent wine standard storage services.


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