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  • Time of issue:2020-07-14 00:00:00
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Shanghai Liangfeng Logistics Co., Ltd. is a customs AEO advanced certification enterprise. Its services mainly include: customs declaration, inspection, customs consulting, import and export business, transit transportation, etc. It has rich experience in providing customers with optimization of import and export customs clearance schemes, avoiding import and export customs declaration risks, and improving import and export efficiency.

The company is not only committed to the improvement of customs clearance service system, but also pays more attention to the improvement of service quality, the promotion of service efficiency and the comprehensive improvement of staff quality. At present, the customs declaration operating system adopted by our company has realized the networking, timeliness and standardization of customs declaration services. Our team is familiar with customs regulations, policies and business procedures, and has good quality and business skills, which can quickly and effectively bring convenience and protection to customers.

The company in line with the "efficient, enthusiastic, customer satisfaction" quality policy sincerely for all kinds of foreign capital, foreign trade enterprises to provide comprehensive, high-quality, standardized, one-stop customs clearance services!

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