Logistics and transportation stimulate new vitality of rural economy


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Logistics and transportation stimulate new vitality of rural economy

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Logistics and transportation stimulate new vitality of rural economy

If you want to get rich, you must first build roads." This is a familiar phrase that shows the importance of transportation to economic and social development.


Transportation is known as the "pioneer" of economic development. In a sense, it is the connection between these "large arteries" and "capillaries" that promote the high-quality development of China's logistics market and stimulate the vitality of the social economy. .


In recent years, with the opening of the "last mile" of rural logistics and transportation, the "going out" of agricultural products has been accelerated, and the "introduction" of new formats has also been promoted. It is this "one in and one out" that has accelerated the process of transforming resource advantages into economic advantages in rural areas, activated the "spring of water" in the rural market, and promoted the development of one party's industry, while also effectively improving the access of the people. Sense and happiness.


Smooth transportation roads help agricultural products "go global"


Shouguang, Shandong, known as the "Hometown of Vegetables in my country", is an important vegetable production and supply base in China, and it plays an important role in ensuring the supply of vegetables in surrounding areas and the country.


In Shouguang, not only vegetable wholesalers from all over the country have gathered, but also a huge logistics market cluster has emerged. Tons of fresh fruits and vegetables depart from here and are transported to supermarkets and farmer’s markets across the country, where they are placed on the tables of thousands of households. It can be said that vegetable and fruit transportation practitioners are an important bridge for Shouguang vegetables to "go out", and Hong Dianjun, a native of Shouguang, is one of the members of this vegetable and fruit transportation army.


"Shouguang is a well-known'vegetable basket' in the country. There is a great demand for the transportation of all kinds of vegetables. I rely on the mountains to eat the mountains and the sea to eat the sea. All parts of the country, let people eat safe vegetables." Hong Dianjun, who lives in Shouguang, Shandong, told reporters proudly. In words, it revealed a sense of pride in his profession and hometown.


Since entering the industry in 2006, the 47-year-old Hong Dianjun has been in the transportation industry for 14 years. Currently, his main route is from Shouguang to Hunan, Hubei, Guangdong, Guangxi and other regions.


For 14 years, Hong Dianjun has accumulated rich experience in the transportation of fruits and vegetables. In his view, ensuring the freshness of the goods is the most important thing during transportation. "The importance of vegetable and fruit transportation is timeliness, so every truck driver hopes to improve transportation efficiency and ensure that fresh fruits and vegetables are delivered to the owner on time." Hong Dianjun told reporters, "A decade ago, almost every village had vegetables. The acquisition point, but the road to the acquisition point is not so smooth, and the development of the fruit and vegetable industry is not as good as it is now. In recent years, there have been a series of The continuous advancement of the “combined boxing” of transportation construction. At the same time, relying on professional cooperatives and other resources, the time efficiency of vegetable transportation is guaranteed, and the transportation loss is also continuously reduced. Now, not only my own annual income is considerable, but I am driven by my side. Friends of also bought cars one after another and embarked on the road to wealth."


In Shouguang, there are indeed many truck drivers who are engaged in the transportation of fruits and vegetables based on the characteristic industries of their hometown like Hong Dianjun. Under the construction of the rural logistics system and the unimpeded road network, they take on the mission of "going out" with Shouguang vegetables, and build Shouguang into a veritable "Chinese vegetable town", so that the development of logistics can truly benefit the local area. economic.


This year, due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, the domestic social economy has suffered a greater impact. Under the epidemic, vegetables and grains have become an important material guarantee for people's normal lives. As a national "vegetable basket", Shouguang quickly inspected the transportation roads of vegetable purchase and sales points within its jurisdiction to ensure the smooth flow of vegetable purchases and sales, and successively opened green channels for more than 1,000 supply and marketing points to ensure that vegetable transportation vehicles can come in and go out.


Logistics sinks, e-commerce express "bring in"


The smooth flow of logistics and transportation not only accelerates the "going out" of agricultural products, but also makes the upward path of agricultural products wider and wider. At the same time, the extensive road network and the ever-increasing speed of the Internet have also promoted consumption in the rural market to a certain extent and stimulated the rural economy.


"In recent years, rural express outlets have become more and more popular. They are much more convenient and faster than before. I can receive items purchased online within 2 to 3 days. At the just-concluded '6·18' shopping festival, I bought Many things, one of the electronic products, arrived the next day." Mr. Zhang, a villager who lives in Shangqiu, Henan, told reporters.


In the video sent by Mr. Zhang to reporters, I saw the express parcels lined up on the counters of the express outlets, and the villagers who sent them kept coming and going.


"However, five or six years ago, the things I bought online could only be picked up in the county town. The village could not deliver them at all, and there were not as many express delivery outlets as there are now. Nowadays, couriers can come to the village once a day, and the express delivery is smooth It’s more convenient for everyone to "chop their hands" for consumption. More and more villagers join the online shopping force. In the future, I hope that rural express delivery will be more convenient and truly enter thousands of households." Mr. Zhang said.


Previously, due to the scattered rural population and small business volume, many express companies only set up locations at the township level based on cost considerations. In recent years, with the development of the Internet and the expansion of rural consumption scale, express logistics has increasingly touched the sinking market, including rural areas, and villagers have truly felt the improvement and development of express logistics, as well as for rural areas. Changes brought about by life.


Actually, this change is not accidental. As early as 2014, the State Post Bureau launched the "Express Delivery to the Countryside" project. In April of this year, the State Post Bureau also issued the "Three-year Action Plan for Express Delivery into Villages (2020-2022)", clarifying that by the end of 2022, conditional organized villages will basically achieve "Village Express Delivery". At present, Yunnan, Xinjiang, Jiangxi, Ningxia, Jiangsu, Anhui, Gansu, Shandong, Chongqing and other provinces and municipalities have successively issued local versions of the "Three-Year Implementation Plan for "Express Delivery into Villages"", which clarified the goals, Main tasks and implementation path.


Relevant data shows that as of the end of 2019, the coverage of China's express service network in rural areas has increased to 96.6%, with more than 30,000 express outlets in rural areas, 63,000 public pick-up and delivery points, and more than 150 express delivery in rural areas. Billion pieces, supporting more than 870 billion yuan for industrial products going to the countryside and agricultural products going to cities.


With the joint efforts of policies and the market, a new round of logistics is accelerating. It is foreseeable that in the next few years, under the promotion of central and local policies, rural logistics will be developed to a greater extent, and the logistics network covering rural areas will achieve effective operation. By then, more rural residents will enjoy the dividends brought about by logistics development, and the vitality of the rural economy and rural market will also be fully released.