4 locations to comprehensively improve warehouse operation efficiency


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4 locations to comprehensively improve warehouse operation efficiency

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  • Time of issue:2020-07-31 14:28

4 locations to comprehensively improve warehouse operation efficiency

First, regularly review the operation process

The contents of different warehouse operations are different. Generally speaking, the warehouse implements the following operations: incoming goods acceptance-warehousing-marking and packaging-sorting-storage-picking-shipping inspection-loading-delivery, etc. Since the business will change over time, even if the warehouse management process with high operational efficiency before, there may be certain shortcomings after the business volume increases, and it needs to be sorted out and optimized again. In the process of combing the process, it is necessary to have simple procedures, strict control, and quality assurance, shorten the time of goods in and out of the warehouse, and reduce the stagnant links and impact time of in and out of the warehouse. In terms of in and out of the warehouse, strictly control the inspection and acceptance of in and out of the warehouse to ensure that the quantity of materials in and out of the warehouse is accurate and the quality is intact, avoid repetitive operations due to lax control, and make the storage, supply, and sales of materials smoothly connect; do a good job of materials in the warehouse Keep the maintenance work, maintain the warehouse's physical accounts in a timely, accurate, quality, and quantity manner, clean and check inventory materials frequently, and ensure that the accounts, materials, and cards are consistent. Simply put, it is necessary to regularly sort out and rationally optimize the warehouse management's warehousing operation process, warehouse storage operation process, processing operation process, tally operation process, and distribution operation process. It is more suitable for the current operation process to improve storage One of the important guarantees of management efficiency.


Second, frequently analyze operational data

321/5000 In addition to regularly sorting out the process of various warehouse management operations and optimizing them in combination with the situation of on-the-spot physical flow, the accumulated data during warehouse operation is also a very valuable asset, which has the value of improving mining efficiency. From the order, the warehouse data contains the warehousing, storage, picking up, out of the warehouse and other records; From the perspective of dimension, there are data about suppliers, customers, orders and items in the warehouse system. From the perspective of analysis method, warehouse data can be analyzed in terms of quantity, weight, volume, frequency, proportion, category, group distance, etc. & hellip; In a word, the change of physical flow corresponds to the information flow, physical hair walked no longer visible, but the flow of information in the system, receipts, statements are recorded, these records enough analysis before the warehouse whether the flow is smooth, also can calculate the future how to operate more efficient, as long as willing to on a regular basis to analyze, and not only as a historical record, warehouse operation data is very large value.


Third, plan the layout of the warehouse reasonably

Data flow analysis and physical logistics sorting will eventually be reflected in the rationality of the spatial layout. In the initial layout design of each company’s warehouse, it will refer to factors such as the production process, the structure of the warehouse, and the order shipment volume. The shortest haul distance will be considered to reduce roundabout transportation. At the same time, the space utilization of the goods will be taken into account to maximize Use effective space effectively. According to the functional layout, it is divided into different operation areas such as receiving area, storage area, picking area, and shipping area.

Due to the continuous changes in the company's business volume, the warehouse layout structure changes at any time, so after operation, it must be re-planned according to the actual situation. Teacher Fei Hong mentioned that modern warehouses are about movement, so a warehouse facility can be regarded as a data processing center, each node in the warehouse management process can be regarded as a data service desk, and personnel, machinery and equipment can be regarded as callable. Resources, all incoming and outgoing goods are equivalent to the fast turnover data of the entire processing center. Therefore, through simulation and simulation, it is possible to determine the maximum processing capacity, the best operation method, the selection of appropriate facilities and equipment, and the planning of a reasonable layout in each process link, so that the efficiency of each service desk can keep up with the efficiency of the overall warehouse system. Requirements to maximize resource utilization and reduce storage costs.


Fourth, actively try to apply new technologies

The layout is more reasonable, the flow is smoother, and the operation efficiency of the staff at each service desk on the flow node is improved. Is it possible to keep the warehouse management level stable for a long time? Not necessarily, because the same time, do more things, even with the support of performance incentives have the opportunity to work more, but warehouse operators liquidity is not easy to change the fundamentals, and logistics costs under strict control, performance incentive policy can be hard to say how strong. Therefore, & other; Efficiency improvement. To pursue “ Development of technology. Follow closely, “ Put people first. Don't stop with words, or the person in the warehouse will want to leave the screw-driven environment when he becomes a operator on a fast-moving assembly line. Therefore, the better technology application plan is to fully consider the advantages of man-machine operation, so that the machine equipment is responsible for the improvement and stability of efficiency, so that the warehouse staff do more. Human nature & throughout; The business of giving play to people's subjective initiative.

The use of different new technologies is an important measure to improve the efficiency of warehouse management, and it is also one of the main methods for improving the efficiency of various logistics warehouses. The application of science and technology does not need to pursue high-precision, more need to choose the technical equipment that suits itself based on various factors such as the company's economic situation, and improve efficiency while achieving financial return on investment indicators.

In short, the fierce competition in the market continues to increase, and the logistics corresponding to the business flow must also enhance competitiveness. Warehouse management has changed from the previous storage-oriented to the fast-turnover operation first, so the improvement of efficiency is essential. To adapt to the industry’s high-efficiency and low-cost requirements, it is necessary to continuously optimize operation procedures, operational data analysis, layout optimization, and use appropriate logistics technology to continuously optimize the allocation of warehousing resources on the basis of stable warehouse management. So as to continuously improve the efficiency of warehouse management and reduce the cost of warehouse management.